August 2004

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7 August 2004 — First Demolition

Here is where we started turning our nice house into a pile of steaming rubble. We were such amateurs we didn't think to take any before pictures, or even any pictures at all until we already had the carpet out and some of the pad up.

The floor is mostly in good condition, but has a few spots that have never been finished and a spot where it looks like a small closet used to be. The gaps in the flooring were filled with some plywood scraps.

There was also one small spot in the middle of the room where there were some divots taken out. At the time, we were so disappointed by this small amount of damage. Given all the other things that we have found since, our dissapointment seems quite funny now.

Full of enthusiasm, I got to work right away repairing the floor, and the first thing I found was some questionable wiring (shades of things to come). I later realized that this piece of wire must have gone up to a switch or outlet in the closet wall. Whoever did this had to bevel the plywood patch so it would fit around the wire.

8 August 2004 — Floor Repair

I chiseled the boards out, reused some and made some new tongue and groove boards to more or less match. In an attempt to make the new boards blend in, I alternated old and new as much as possible.

I was able to pull the wire out and run it under the floor boards and up into the wall behind the baseboard without too much trouble.

After a little sanding, it doesn't look too bad. There are some gaps and imperfections, but I think it will look OK once it is refinished. I still have the other side of the closet door to fix, but that will have to wait until after the built-in cabinets in the room are removed.

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