March 2005

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22 March 2005 — Basement Bathroom Demo

First, a reminder of one of the reasons why were are tearing up the basement. We found a lot of boards that had some water damage and rot. Call me crazy, but I just don't think it is a good idea to trap the water behind some paneling in a wet basement.

Here's a peek into the bathroom after doing a little demo. There was a paneled box hiding the drain pipe before we started.

More nastiness found behind the paneling.

When we pulled the paneling out of the back of the old shower the surface of the concrete block basement walls ended up on the floor. The stuff was just crumbling off. I'm not sure what caused this. Maybe acidic condensation behind the walls?

26 March 2005 — More Basement Bathroom Demo

Ugly ceiling tiles and the wiring behind them.

27 March 2005 — Walls Come Down

The nearly free-standing wall of the shower came out first.

29 March 2005 — Still More Basement Bathroom Demo

The first batch of brick is in the garage waiting for a dumpster.

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