September 2005

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4 September 2005 — Den Framing

I reframed the knee walls and ceiling. We also realized that we could raise the ceiling so that will make the room seem a bit larger. It was only about 7 feet before.

11 September 2005 — More Den Framing

Here's a shot of the new ceiling framing in the front dormer.

I also framed a 2x4 wall on top of the brick wall of the main house to make it easier to run wire and install electrical boxes on this side of the room.

17 September 2005 — Insulation for the Den

At last, we started insulating the den today. This room has been quite hot since we removed the plaster walls and the small amount of insulation that was there before.

We never seem to find anything very interesting in the walls. This kind of junk seems typical.

24 September 2005 — Garage Duct Demolition

Now that there is some insulation in the den, I removed the duct from the garage. I'll be rerouting through the knee space in the room above so that it doesn't run all the way across the ceiling of the garage.

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