December 2005

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10 December 2005 — Garage Door Openers and Duct

I installed new 2x6s across the front of the garage to make mounting the new garage door openers easier.

Here's the duct cage with all the fiberglass insulation in place. Some of the insulation for the ceiling of the garage is up.

11 December 2005 — Insulating the Duct

We got more of the insulation up in the den.

The knee wall space where the duct runs is stuffed full. We shouldn't have any more cold blasts of air coming out of these lines when the heat comes on.

17 December 2005 — More Insulation

We're done with the insulation in the den.

19 December 2005 — New Furnace

The furnace failed unexpectedly and had to be replaced, and quickly too, as we're not exactly having warm weather at the moment.

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