December 2004

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4 December 2004 — Basement Demolition

We removed the suspended ceiling and walls in the laundry room side of the basement. You can see the outline of the walls on the floor. Such tiny rooms. Before, even the water heater and electrical panel were inside tiny closets.

Pile of rubble, soon to grow. Here you can also see that I've popped the paneling off of the end of the other side of the basement. The laundry room is on the other side of the wall at the left of this picture.

Here is a view of the center wall from the laundry room side.

No more paneling.

No more wall.

And now a bigger pile of rubble.

5 December 2004 — Demo Cleanup

Looking a little better. I'll reuse what I can and probably use the rest for firewood. The old paneling is out in the garage waiting for disposal.

10 December 2004 — More Demo Cleanup

Looking a lot better. Now I have some room to work without having to worry about impaling myself on a nail.

11 December 2004 — More Basement Demo

Of course the clean basement couldn't last for long. The narrow closet that was hiding the water meter, drain line, and fireplace cleanout is gone and more paneling is down.

A little more cleanup.

12 December 2004 — More Basement Demo, Again

After some more cleanup, it was back to tearing out paneling.

The closet under the stairs was next. There were a couple of surprises here. First, the old laundry chute, now used for a duct, and second, we found that the bathroom walls were tile, not frame. Hmm, that will be fun to remove.

More rubble.

18 December 2004 — Paneling Removed in Basement Stairway

How about that wallpaper? We knew about the valves in the wall because there was an access panel, but the little closet was a surprise, as was the red flower painted on the wall at the bottom of the stairs.

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