October 2006

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1 October 2006 — Installing Trim Boards, Day Two

Things went a little better the seond day. We were able to get most of the hard parts done before running out of light.

7 October 2006 — Tree House

Today, I built a tree house and we did some demolition on the dormer on the back side of the garage. We have two windows to replace and we need a stable platform for working on them (the roof is 45 degrees).

8 October 2006 — Windows Installed

We installed the house wrap and two windows today. This feels like real progress now.

Here is a peek into our future.

14 October 2006 — Scaffold for Front Dormer

I built a scaffold for the front dormer today and started removing siding and trim.

Oh, and the window too.

With the window (actually two windows, joined togther, and taking up the entire width of the dormer) removed, I could reframe the opening for our new single window which is narrower than the previous pair, and not quite as tall.

Then we installed the new window.

15 October 2006 — Front Dormer Siding

We got most of the siding up on the front dormer today. It's looking much better now.

21 October 2006 — Front Dormer Siding

Today I was able to install most of the trim on the front dormer.

31 October 2006 — Trick or Treat?

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