November 2006

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4 November 2006 — Taping in the Den

The first coat of all the taping is mostly done.

We have also painted one wall to see what the chosen color will really look like on the wall. Somehow, I seemed to have forgotten to take pictures of the taping and floating for the archway. All I can say is that there is a lot of joint compound under that paint.

9 November 2006 — Garage Fascia Board Painted

The weather has been a lot warmer than I would have expected for November and the fascia board on the front of the garage was looking pretty bad and so I stripped and painted it.

10 November 2006 — Garage Doors Painted

OK, we really weren't planning to do this, but the weather has been so nice and the brown doors were really depressing us, so we painted them too.

25 November 2006 — Window Repair and Trim Painting

We are still having unbelievably warm weather for November, so I did a little window repair. OK, so this is not really a great job, but it beats what we had before. At least now there is some solid wood out in front of the storm window.

This picture is looking down at the window sill. You can see how far back I chiseled out the rotten wood, and the line where the new wood meets it. I trimmed a 2x4 to approximately match the shape of the original, then shimmed it in place and nailed it to the window with some finish nails.

I also painted the fascia board at the back of the garage. Here you can also see that the trim boards have been installed on the back dormer and the scaffolding has been removed.

25 November 2006 — Window Repair

Here is the bathroom window after a little filling and painting.

And the back of the garage after the painting was finished.

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