October 2008

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2 October 2008 — Siding and Trim

The masonry restoration guys are done and they reconfigured their scaffolding for me, and have agreed to leave it for a few weeks. That will help a lot with replacing the siding and trim on the east side of the chimney. Here's a shot after I pulled the old rotten siding and trim off. Note the nice patchwork of scrap fiberboard.

Here's a shot that shows what happened to the nice new mortar repair when I pulled off the trim. The problem was that there was a lot of caulk under the new mortar, so some of it broke off. I'll try repairing that little spot once I've installed the new siding and trim. It won't show from the ground so I don't have to worry too much about matching the mortar color here.

Now that the stone embedded in the chimney has been cleaned, we can see some colors in it.

Housewrap is up.

3 October 2008 — Siding and Trim

Siding is up.

The last of the trim around the front door has been painted. So this project is just about done. It only took a year.

The siding is up. Now we just have to do some filling, caulking, and painting. I didn't do quite as good a job coping the trim board around the stone as I would have liked, but it will work, and no one will ever really be able to see it from the ground.

6 October 2008 — More Trim

After doing some filling, here's how the curved trim board looked.

And here it is after a coat of paint.

7 October 2008 — More Trim

I did some more filling on the curved board to try to hide the joint better, then painted it again. These shots were also taken after trimming the tree to get it away from the house a little more. You can also see the new stone cap and animal guards on the chimney (I'll try to get a better shot later).

11 October 2008 — Another Platform and Some Demolition

I built a small platform to use for the siding and trim on the west side of the chimney, pulled the siding and trim off, and tacked up some flashing and housewrap.

12 October 2008 — Slow Day

For various reasons I didn't get much work done on the house today, but we did get the siding panel in place. I hope to get the trim boards installed this week, then we can remove the scaffold.

I installed the trim boards today including filling and caulking. The weather is supposed to be nice again tomorrow, so I hope to finish painting by tomorrow evening. Then the scaffolding can come down.

25 October 2008 — More Front of the House Stuff

I've been working on the front of the house over the last 12 days, but haven't taken many pictures. The trim and siding is finished now, and I have the gutter up on the side porch and on the east side of the chimney.

I also built a small platform to work on the windows above the front entry.

Here's a close up shot of the second floor window on the west side of the chimney, above the front entry. The rotting brick mould has been replaced with Azek, most of the peeling caulk has been scraped off of the brick, and there's at least one coat of paint on everthing. I really need to start remembering to take more "before" pictures so the improvement is more apparent.

Here are some shots of the window in the side of the garage. It may not be too clear from these shots, but the opening in the exterior brick veneer is slightly smaller than the window frame itself, so these windows were installed from the inside. The window doesn't seem to be held in by much and actually broke loose from one corner when I was prying the brick mould off. Inside the garage, the trim around the window came loose from the wall. I think it was just nailed ot the window and held to the wall with caulk. I managed to get it pushed back into place. We might eventually want to replace these windows (completly, not just by putting in some vinyl inserts) but I'm not sure where I would find modern windows that could fit in these openings.

Some of the windows are fairly rotten. This is the second floor window on the east side of the chimney. I chiseled off the rotten portion back to where there was some solid wood and spliced on a carefully crafted patch (part of a 2x4) then filled the gaps. It should look OK once there is some paint on it.

The second floor window on the west side of the chimney was in better shape so all I had to do was strip the paint and sand. This also shows the replacement brick mould before it is fully painted. I had to rip the brick mould to 1-1/2 inches (it comes 2 inches wide) so it would fit between the brick and the storm window, which I did not remove.

26 October 2008 — More Front of the House Stuff

I installed brick mould on two more windows and have all five of them painted at least once. And the scaffold is down. In this shot you can also see the new gutter on the west side of the chimney. Things are looking better.

Here's a shot of the garage window with the brick mould installed. I'll have to do something to protect the sashes for winter. since I dropped the storm window that was installed here. It was no great loss, as it was in pretty rough shape..

Here's the first floor window on the west side of the entry way.

The new front of the house. We still need to work on the large living room window on the first floor. Also, now that we've done all this work, we're beginning to think that we should remove the aspen tree since it is too close to the house and obscures the chimney.

Here are a couple of shots showing the newly repointed stone work at the base of the chimney and the decorative brickwork on the upper part.

Before and after The before shot is from way before, when we were first looking at the house more than four years ago.

Here's a shot of the backyard grass that I replaced earlier this year. I hope that by next summer you won't be able to see the outline of the newer grass in the slightly less new grass.

Oh, and this tree will give us some leaves to clean up in a week or two.

31 October 2008 — Halloween

Trick or treat?

I also spent some time today excavating for a concrete turnaround pad at the side of the driveway and working on forms for a concrete walk into the backyard behind the garage.

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