December 2008

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14 December 2008 — Diversion

I spent a few days in Whistler, BC, where I gave a talk at a meeting. When I arrived, there was not much snow at the bottom of the mountain. When I left two days later, it was much colder and there was some snow, but it still didn't look like great skiing to me.

31 December 2008 — Bathroom Walls Fixed

Unfortunately, not many big things happened this month, but we did get the walls in the second bathroom mostly repaired. This is a temporary fix, as we will probably be doing more major work in this room soon.

Another little job that we took care of was removing the lovely soffit above the kitchen cabinets.

When doing that, we found the copper lines that supply the second bathroom were a bit kinked.

Of all the things we've found, I suppose this is pretty minor, but we'll be fixing it anyway.

We also put up clothes rods in the entry closet and the second bedroom closet. Although a fairly simple project, it's surprising how long it's been since we've had a place to hang up coats.

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