June 2007

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16 June 2007 — Blocking Experiment

I had some extra boards, so I decided to do a little experiment with adding blocking between the joists under the bedroom to see if it would add some additional strength to the floor. It seems that it would maybe help some as it should spread the load over several joists, so bending just one joist wouldn't be possible. Instead, any load on the floor above would have to bend several as they are now all tied together. But in reality it seems that it just doesn't make enough of a difference to justify the effort, so I won't be adding any more.

22 June 2007 — Cross Training

I usually exercise by running, but today we had six yards of topsoil and three yards of mulch delivered. The topsoil was needed to make up for all the material we removed from the backyard when we demolished the old patio.

Here's what it looked like just before moving any of the new topsoil.

And here is what it looked like the next morning. I moved all six yards Friday night but by the time I finished it was too late to take any pictures.

23 June 2007 — Grass

It took a few more hours to smooth out the test of the topsoil and finish the last little bit of brick border leading to the back deck. Then it was time for grass seed and water.

You can also see that we spread the mulch and did some weeding in garden areas.

I think these hostas are a little thick. We sill probably split them up and spread them around later this year.

Now we just have to keep the new grass seed wet for a week or so and the backyard will be looking a lot better.

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