July 2007

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7-15 July 2007 — Canoe Trip

I spent a week canoeing in Quetico Park in western Ontario, so no progress on the house for a couple of weekends.

After two great weather days, we had some rain and wind every day for the remainder of the trip. Even so, it was not raining constantly, though it was a little cooler than I expected for July.

23 July 2007 — Wiring and Patching Holes

We have lights in the living room, second bedroom, and at the second floor. We also have outlets again in the master bedroom and bath. Now it's time to patch some holes.

28 July 2007 — More Patching

I decided that while we have the walls open, I might as well put another outlet in at the second floor landing so we can plug in a vacuum cleaner or something else without having to find an outlet in one of the bedrooms or use the one above the bathroom sink.

Sizing the bits of sheetrock to fit the holes took most of the day. Although I'm getting a little faster with this chore, it is still a slow process for me.

28 July 2007 — Still More Patching

After getting a few more pieces of sheetrock up, I started filling in the cracks with a setting type joint compound. I'd never used anything but the general purpose joint compound that air dries before, and I was a little worried that the setting compound would harden before I could use a batch. So I made relatively small amounts at a time and didn't have much trouble. It definitely works much better for filling large defects. For now I'm just working to get the holes filled so it's not important to get a really smooth finish now.

Here's an update on the grass planting project in the back yard. It's looking OK, though there are a few bare spots and some weeds.

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