August 2007

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11 August 2007 — Dining Room Ceiling

The demo never seems to end. I pulled down the ceiling in the dining room today. Doing this earlier would have made the wiring easier, but when we were doing that, it didn't seem like we would need to take the ceiling down. But then we discovered that the walls leak enough outside air that without sealing that up or putting any insulation in the joist space, the second floor will probably be cold, especially since we are taking the carpet up.

As usual, the initial demo was fast. Cleaning up took more time.

Here's a picture of a joist that was hacked up to make room for a duct. This could have been completely avoided given the way the soffit was framed around the outside of the kitchen, but nope. I won't try to fix that now, other than to just double it up. Doing that might not help much, but it will make me feel a little better.

12 August 2007 — Short Wall Framed

Today we doubled the notched joist, framed the short wall between the kitchen and dining room, and reconnected the duct to the second bedroom. Some forward progress.

17-19 August 2007 — Niagara Falls and Toronto

We took a break from working on the house and spent a few days on the road with my parents who were visiting for a week.

Unfortunately, we didn't have time to tour Casa Loma, but it's already penciled in for next time (whenever that might be).

20 August 2007 — More Dining Room and Kitchen Work

With my dad's help, I got some wire pulled, some plaster removed, and some wallpaper off the wall in the kitchen. We also added some framing blocks to use for putting up the new sheetrock on the center wall of the house between the dining room and kitchen. Look at that lovely pink color we found under the wallpaper. Hmm, was that really the color of the wall, or was it just a primer to go under the original wallpaper, which I think we found under several other layers on this wall, as it was more of the fruity pattern like we found in the basement stairwell.

25 August 2007 — Dining Room Ceiling

We doubled all the joists above the dining room today.

I also built a mock up of the peninsula/bar that we plan to put between the dining room and kitchen. Having this will help us figure out exactly how large it should be. I already think the bar is a few inches too high.

25 August 2007 — Wallpaper Removal and Sheetrock

I cleaned the wallpaper off of the wall behind the refrigerator. Like the other wallpaper in the kitchen, it was a many-layered mess.

I also got sheetrock on the wall between the dining room and living room. More forward progress!

31 August 2007 — Entry Demo

We have a long weekend with a dry weather forecast, so we are getting started on the front entry, inside and out. The first step was to demo the inside. We didn't have to go too far before we found yet another electrical box buried in the wall. You can see it just starting to emerge from the plaster in the first picture below. This one had small bits of floor tile behind the plaster. Although I had already cut it loose from the ceiling light box when we started the demo on the entry closet, I'm sure it was still live before that.

We made quite a mess, but had it all cleaned up before we quit for the night.

Here are a couple of shots of the creative framing job and another ceiling box that was hacked in.

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