September 2007

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1 September 2007 — Front Entry Exterior Demo

Now I'm sure the demo will never end. Today we pulled the siding and trim off of the front entry.

Here's a before shot. It looks pretty good from this distance, but up close it was a little rotted and not so attractive.

Now one during. Note the funky double wall construction. There is actually another 2x4 wall behind that black fiberboard. The box for the front porch light was just hanging on the siding and the siding was just directly attached to the outer wall. Hmm, seems like this wasn't very well planned. Given other evidence in the basement, I'm sure that the front entry was not originally planned to be built this way.

And after. We had a scary moment when I was pulling some siding off and realized that the herringbone brick panel on the garage side of the front door was moving. It seems it is not really attached to anything, so we'll need to be careful with that. Let's just say that having it fall over and crumble would not be good. Once we are done, I think it will be held in place well enough by the trim boards. At least then it won't really be possible to pull on it.

Not surprisingly, we found a few unwelcome critters behind one of the trim boards by the chimney.

By the end of the day, we had some new framing in the openings along with some insulation and new OSB on the exterior. The new framing and OSB is not structural, it is just there to give some backing to the new siding since I'd rather not install that directly on the studs of the outer wall.

2 September 2007 — More Front Entry Work

We removed the window in the front entry and put a temporary cover over the hole. Once we have a new window selected we can reframe the opening.

3 September 2007 — More Front Entry Work

We were able to get one peice of siding up and some house wrap over everything. Here's a shot after the first panel was up but before we had finished the house wrap.

Before we can do more we have to get more siding and trim boards.

8 September 2007 — And More Front Entry Work

We put up three pieces of siding and framed in the rough opening for the new window, again insulating in the outer wall. It went fairly smoothly though we did accidentally put some marks on the siding with the ladder (it needs another coat of paint anyway) and we were interrupted by some rain. We can't do much more siding until we get the new window (it has been ordered, but may take two weeks to arrive).

I was also able to get the front porch light up and wired again. It's been months since we had a working light here, so it's a nice bit of progress, even if we will have to take it down to put the trim up and finish painting the siding.

9 September 2007 — Front Entry Insulation and Sheetrock

We put some insulation in the front entry way and reframed the door opening. It was originally framed with sideways 2x4s, making a very thin wall. Ugh. This will make the doorway a little more normal. The door needed to come out anyway because it had apparently been cut off when there was another layer of flooring in the entry. Now that it's gone, the gap under the door was more than an inch and the trim around the door had also been hacked off. We'll lower the door to fix that when we reinstall it.

We also put up some sheetrock before we stopped for the night. It's definitly nice to be making some forward progress and not just doing demolition all the time.

10 September 2007 — Front Entry Light

After many months without a light in the front entry area, I've finally replaced it, more or less. I installed a new ceiling box and a bare bulb, but at least we have light again, and a switch. I also pulled out the last bit of plaster that we plan to replace in the entry way and put in a new outlet. Now we can get on with some more insulating and drywall, but we won't be able to finish all of that until we have the new window installed. Maybe it will happen by the end of the month.

19 September 2007 — Patching Sheetrock

We got a few more holes patched and covered with a first coat of joint compound, including the big opening between the dining room and kitchen.

29 September 2007 — Window and Siding

We picked up the window Friday afternoon, so today we installed it and finished putting up the rest of the siding around the front entry.

30 September 2007 — Trim Boards Painted

The first coat of paint is on the trim boards now. We should have a second coat on them soon and then they'll be ready to install.

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