November 2007

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11 November 2007 — Sheetrock in Front Entry

I finished the framing around the inside of the new window today. Since the existing interior framing of the walls was not square to the new window, I made each of these blocks slightly wider than the one below. I had to do something similar on the right side as well.

With sheetrock, waiting to be taped.

16 November 2007 — A Week in Austin

I helped my dad pour concrete for a ramp in his backyard today. He stacked the rocks and had the forms in place before I arrived. He also poured some concrete to stabilize the rocks. Then we poured the ramp. I did most of the mixing and he did most of the rest.

This job only took us about an hour and we still had 7 days left so I asked what else we could do, and he said he was thinking about making some kind of walkway from the back deck to his greenhouse. Since we had some concrete left over and some time, I suggested that we just pour a sidewalk. After some measuring and estimating how much concrete it would take, I started digging.

About two hours later, I had most of the excavation done.

By then, the ramp was looking pretty good and we headed off to Lowe's for some more bags of concrete mix and some lumber for the sidewalk forms. After two trips, we had the equivalent of 19 80-pound bags of concrete mix. We could only put about 6 bags at a time in his car. Thankfully, Lowe's is not too far away and by the end of the day, we had most of the forms in place.

17 November 2007 — Austin Sidewalk

After thinking about it some more, we decided to pick up another 6 bags before starting to pour the sidewalk. By around noon, we had the forms ready to go, and most of the bags of concrete mix ready to go.

Two hours later we were out of mix and not quite finished. Thankfully, Lowe's is not too far away. We picked up another six bags.

Those bags didn't last long, and we still didn't have enough concrete to fill the forms. So back to Lowe's again. By this time, I was having trouble getting the bags in and out of the trunk of the car, so we switched back to 40-pound bags. In the end, we used the equivalent of about 33 80-pound bags of concrete mix. We were both pretty beat. After dinner, I smoothed and brushed the last of it in the dark.

18 November 2007 — Austin Sidewalk

The next morning, the walk was looking pretty good. I pulled the forms off, filled in around the walk with some of the dirt we had removed, and hosed it off.

The ramp was looking good too, so I guess this was a success.

For the rest of the week, I only volunteered for easy projects.

25 November 2007 — Leaves

After returning from Austin, I mostly worked on cleaning up tools in the basement and other small chores, but we had to deal with the leaves today. Ugh.

30 November 2007 — Basement Wall Patch

I finally decided to do something about the hole in the basement wall that we uncovered about 2 years and 9 months ago. I stuffed a couple of bricks and some mortar in it, and I'll finish it off with some setting joint compound. It looks better already. I don't know why it took me this long to do this. What was I waiting for?

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