June 2008

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7 June 2008 — Attic Room Demo

Today we moved the rest of the junk out of the attic room closets so we can start tearing it out. The amount of junk we had up there is a little embarrassing, so I'm omitting the picture.

Here's one last look at the lovely room, including some of the brilliant wiring in one of the closets.

Some ant remains. There didn't seem to be any activity, so I guess my cutting holes in the paneling and spraying helped.

In a few hours, we had quite a bit of the paneling down, and had removed the headboard thing.

The closet on the north side of the room was next.

8 June 2008 — Attic Room Demo Day Two

After another day of demo, we had most of the paneling down, broken up and in the garage.

The vanity was obviously a later addition as the paneling runs behing the knee wall here.

14 June 2008 — More Bad Wiring

This nice splice was left hanging out of the box and innaccessible behind the sink in the attic room.

15 June 2008 — Demo, Ants, and More Bad Wiring


We found a little more evidence of ant activity in the short wall at the landing of the stairs leading up to the attic room.

We found this nifty splice in the wall. I think it may have been live when we bought the house, but that I disconnected it when we rewired the room over the garage.

19 June 2008 — More Demo

More progress.

21 June 2008 — More Bad Wiring

We found another splice in the wall, and the wires are still live. We probably won't be able to fix this until we tear out the master bedroom. I'm guessing the BX used to go to a switch for the overhead light in the bedroom that was converted to the master bath and closet.

23 June 2008 — Full Dumpster and Broken Rafters

The dumpster is mostly full.

Here you can see some of the damage we will have to deal with. The first two pictures show some split rafters and the third shows damage to the header that spans the cricket. Note that the header is just a single 2x6 and that the rafters on either side of it are not doubled either. It could have been framed a little better. The two spit rafters are also adjacent to one another, and one of them was most likely split because some genius notched it for some wiring. Well, by now I've come to expect this kind of thing.

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