May 2009

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2 May 2009 — Tower

We built the tower today.

3 May 2009 — Platform

We have the base platform mostly finished. Time to start some demo.

18 May 2009 — Siding and Trim Demolition

I started pulling off the siding and trim on the west side of the house. I also removed the window, and built a temporary plug for the opening.

In an effort to keep the debris from taking over, we reduced it to a small pile in the garage.

19 May 2009 — Middle Platform

Today we built the middle platform. Some of the parts had been saved from last year, but had to be slightly modified. So it has taken a lot less actual working time to get this far compared to last year.

Maybe by tomorrow afternoon we will have the third level of the scaffold built and the rest of the siding and trim removed.

20 May 2009 — Top Platform Built and Window Reframed

Today we set up the top platform, pulled the rest of the old siding and trim off, and reframed the window opening for the new window.

22 May 2009 — House Wrap Up

The house wrap is tacked up and I've also been painting the window. If the weather is good tomorrow, maybe we will be able to install it.

23 May 2009 — Window and Three Siding Panels Installed

It's kind of hard to see in the exterior shot, but we have the window installed. We also have the top three siding panels up. Trim at the top is next, then we will work our way down, same as last year on the other side of the house.

24 May 2009 — Top Trim Installed

We seemed a bit short on motivation today, but did manage to get the top trim boards installed.

28 May 2009 — Temporary Bathroom

We haven't had time to finish the second bathroom project properly, but we are having a visitor for a few days, so we needed to do something. We put the old vanity and sink back in place and installed a new toilet and the room is again in a semi-funcional state.

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