August 2008

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2 Aug 2008 — Scaffolding

By Saturday evening, we had the tower and some of the decking up.

2 Aug 2008 — More Scaffolding

By late Sunday afternoon, we had the bridge in place and all the decking screwed down on the main platform. We will still need something higher to reach the siding and trim pieces above the window.

Here are a few close-up shots of the damage to the trim boards so you can see why we're replacing all of it.

10 Aug 2008 — More Scaffolding and Some Demo

This weekend we were able to get the second layer of scaffolding built and some of the demo done.

11 Aug 2008 — Still More Scaffolding and Demo

I got the top level of scaffolding up and finished tearing off the old siding and trim today.

The top level of scaffolding was a little shaky until I tied the middle level to the house with two of these braces.

I also installed the first piece of house wrap at the peak of the roof.

12 Aug 2008 — Window Reframed

I reframed the window today, and resized the blank that we have filling the hole until we get the new window.

13 Aug 2008 — House Wrap

The rest of the house wrap is up.

30 Aug 2008 — Window and Siding

The window is in. We also installed the flashing for the horizontal joint in the siding panels and the first piece of siding.

Here's a shot of the window from the inside of the house.

31 Aug 2008 — Siding and Trim

We installed two more siding panels and some trim boards today. I'm using the framing hammer and some stainless steel nails to install all of these and it's going a lot faster than our previous jobs. In the last two siding and trim jobs (garage and front entry) time, I nailed the panels up by hand and screwed the trim boards on. Using the nailer is so much faster and easier that I can't believe I ever tried to work without it.

Here's something that we will have to have fixed fairly soon. Unfortunately, this job isn't something we feel capable of tackling on our own so I'm afraid it's gonna cost us.

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