June 2009

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2 June 2009 — Break

We took a break and a short trip.

6 June 2009 — More Siding and Trim

The full-size siding panels are installed, along with the trim board above the window.

This time, I remembered to notch out the panels below the window so that the seams in the siding would not be right on the edge of the vertical trim boards.

I also remembered to take a picture of the back side of the chimney while the platform is still up. It looks a lot better now that we had the work done. It was looking pretty bad before the repairs.

7 June 2009 — Still More Siding and Trim

We have all the siding panels up plus the rest of the 8-inch trim boards and brick mould. I think we might actually finish this project. Now that we are getting relatively good at this, we are nearly done.

13 June 2009 — Still More Trim

We have all but the last trim board under the window installed. That can't be done until after we remove the second level of scaffolding. I think we'll finally be done with this project soon.

16 June 2009 — Almost Done

Today we touched up some paint, removed the middle platorm, installed the last trim board under the window, and touched up some more paint. Then we also installed two more short trim boards on the end of the garage so that it would more closely match the pattern on the main house. I think that part looks much more finished now. All that remains is a few small touch-up jobs and to deconstruct the scaffold. Almost there!

19 June 2009 — Almost After and Before

The tower and most of the scaffold in the front of the house is down. The second picture is from when we were looking at the house. Wow. I'd really forgotten what it looked like back then. So dark!

19 June 2009 — More Scaffold Disassembly

We removed almost all of the rest of the scaffolding from the roof. I also put in the final three screws that were not possible to get to until the platform was removed. Now there's just a little touch up to do and we can remove the rest of the scaffold.

Compare that second picture to what it looked like just a few years ago.

23 June 2009 — Scaffold Down

We removed the rest of the scaffold today. I don't have any pictures because they look a lot like the last set I posted. It's definitely a relief to be done with this project. Well, almost done. There are a few more spots of paint to touch up, but I can get to those with a ladder. Next up, we will do a lot of smaller outdoor projects for the rest of the summer, then head inside to finish the second bathroom, attic room, and kitchen projects. Then refinish some more floors, and lots of other things. Then there is the master bedroom and bath. The list is endless. But now, a mere three years, one month, and 17 days since we started replacing siding and trim, we are done with the hard parts.

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